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One to one

If you want to start studying Italian from scratch, improve your level of Italian quickly, correcting your mistakes effectively, or you are preparing for an official exam, such as PLIDA, CELI or CILS, this is your option!

One-to-one lessons by Skype or Zoom are the perfect way if you want to follow a programme adapted to your needs and your learning pace

At your pace

If you don’t have the time to attend classes every week, the self-study courses will be great for you! You will have access to all the video and text content to learn Italian independently. In addition, I will review your written productions and we will have two hours of individual lessons to solve your doubts and practise Italian together!


These annual courses are perfect for you if you want to learn Italian by practising oral communication in small groups of students through games, conversations and interactive activities. The courses follow the school year: they start in September and end in June.

Ciao! I'm Nico, your online Italian teacher

I grew up in a small city near Venezia and since 2016 I have lived outside Italy. In 2020 I created the online project ‘Italiano con Nico’, thanks to which I teach Italian and the culture of my country to students from all over the world.

What my students say

Fantastic teacher. Very well prepared and attentive to any difficulties or insecurities. Nico prepares documents with exercises covering the different subjects with a good balance between grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension. Time flies in the lessons!


My favorite language classes with the best teacher 🙂 I like a personal approach, ability to explain, well-prepared materials, and interesting talks during the class. That does not give even an opportunity to be bored during the learning process and it motivates to reach the results step by step.


Nico is a very professional, well-organized, friendly, and knowledgeable professor! You can tell he has a lot of experience and skill in teaching, and his self-created content is so high quality and tailored to various students’ needs. I look forward to our classes! Grazie Nico 🙂

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¡Descarga mi lista gratuita de 450 palabras de vocabulario básico en italiano, con traducciones al inglés, español, francés, portugués y turco!


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Download the list right now!

Download my free list of 450 basic Italian vocabulary words, with translations into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Turkish!