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If you want to learn Italian online but don’t have time to attend classes every week, your best option is the self study programmes. You will have lifetime access to all the teaching content, such as videos, texts and audios to study on your own. I will review your written productions and you will be entitled to 2 hours of private lessons with me on Zoom!

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Online Italian courses

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Programa A1 para hispanohablantes

Tendrás acceso de por vida a todos los contenidos didácticos del nivel A1 de italiano, como vídeos, textos y audios para estudiar de forma autónoma. Revisaré tus producciones escritas y tendrás dos horas de clases individuales conmigo por Zoom.

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Price: 175€
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A1 Program for English speakers

You will have lifetime access to the A1 level italian program, such as videos, texts and audios for self-study. I will personally check your written assignments and you will be entitled to 2 hours of private lessons with me on Zoom.

The registration period is now open

If you have already registered for this course, you can access from here

Price: 175€
The registration period is now closed

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Lifetime access to the contents

Each unit includes: a video explaining a grammar or communication topic (or both) and at least two PDF documents which always include a summary sheet and exercises with solutions. In the course you will also find texts to read, audios and vocabulary lists. You will have lifetime access to all materials.

Learn at your own pace

The materials are organised in such a way that you can learn them at your own pace, spending 2 or 3 hours a week. This means that it is up to you to decide how to organise your time and when to study.

Two hours of private lessons

In addition to correcting all the written productions you send me, you will be entitled to two hours of private lessons per Zoom to clarify doubts or practise your Italian. I will contact you to arrange the date and time of the lessons.

I am always available!

It’s an independent course, but you’re not alone! You have all my contacts (whatsapp, email, instagram) to write me if you have any doubt about the contents or any problem to solve. I will be happy to help you.

Final exam and certificate of attendance

At the end of the course I will give you an exam to check if you have acquired all the competences of the Italian level, and you will also receive a certificate of attendance.

Without obligation!

You don’t have to pay any enrolment fee, nor are you obliged to continue with the lessons if, for any reason, you decide to drop out of the course, you just have to leave the group, free of charge!

How do online Italian courses at your pace work?

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Fill in the form with your details and complete the payment to get access to the private area of the course.

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Once you have completed the payment, enter the private area of the course to benefit from the course contents. I will contact you to arrange the time and the date for our private lessons.

Get started!

Start studying Italian! In every unit you will find different content: explanatory videos, downloadable PDF documents, exercises with solutions, audios, extra resources.
You are one step away from joining the 85 million Italian speakers in the world, do you want to be part of our big family?
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Frequent questions


There is no time limit for the duration of the self-study courses. From the very beginning you will have access to all the contents of the level for life and you will be able to study at your own pace.
No, there are no online lessons in the self-paced courses, but rather weekly recorded explanations of the course content. There will be reviews of written productions and two hours of private lessons with me on Zoom. You will also have my contact details so that you can write to me if you have any doubts or questions.

The programme is as follows:

GRAMMAR: Italian pronunciation with focus on the differences with English, nouns, articles (definite, indefinite, partitive), adjectives (qualifying, indefinite, possessive, demonstrative), pronouns (subject, reflexive, possessive), adverbs of frequency, temporal and simple connectors, basic verbs (essere, avere, esserci) and verb tenses of the present, reflexive, imperative, impersonal, present progressive.

VOCABULARY: food (fruit, vegetables, dishes), weather, clothes, physical appearance and character, parts of the body, animals, colours, numbers, basic adjectives, parts of the house, transport, daily routine, free time activities, tastes, jobs, A1 verbs.

COMMUNICATION: introducing oneself, asking basic questions and answering them, asking for help and information, formality and informality, polite expressions, managing situations in restaurants, bars, shops and on the street, giving directions, orders, advice, recommendations, talking about routine, personal tastes (leisure time, food, habits), describing people, situations, places (city, house, landscapes), talking about traditions and holidays.

CULTURE: gastronomic traditions, Italian holidays and habits, forms of education.


The course costs 175 euros, which is paid automatically through the website and gives you access to the private area of the course.
No, we do not accept refunds for payments made.
Of course you can. You can find an explanatory video where you can find some contents to get an idea of the course.
Yes, I can send you an invoice if you inform me at the beginning of the course your details.

Private lessons with me

With every course you buy, you are entitled to 2 hours of private lessons with me. As soon as you purchase your course, I will contact you to arrange a date and time for our classes to suit your availability.
The lessons take place exclusively online, via Zoom. There are no face-to-face lessons.
You can decide how best to use these hours: we can practise Italian orally (I will send you some texts to prepare a topic, or you can choose your own), do interactive activities such as games to improve your fluency (naval battles, Who is who?) or I can answer any questions you may have and give you tips to improve your level.


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