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25€ / hour

This type of one-to-one Italian lessons online is the most suitable if you want to learn Italian from scratch, improve your level of Italian or if you are preparing for an official Italian exam (CELI, CILS, PLIDA).

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Trial lesson

Before we start, we organise a free 20-minute trial lesson by Skype or Zoom to get to know each other, check your level of Italian, show you the teaching materials and define together the timetable, the study plan and the objectives of the lessons. All without any obligation!

1 to 1 lessons

60 minutes of individual tuition dedicated to your Italian language study. The 1 to 1 lessons allow you to progress very quickly because you practise the language intensively with me. In each lesson you will also receive feedback on your mistakes.

100% online classes

We give the lessons via Zoom or Skype, so you can learn Italian at any time and from any place you prefer: your living room, your office, the beach: distance is no longer a problem to discover Italy, its language and its culture!

Original and personalised materials

I completely create the contents of the lessons, and therefore the materials are adapted to you: grammar, vocabulary, Power Point presentations, exam preparation, but also travel, music, cooking, and everything that interests you about Italy and its culture.

Google Drive

I open a private folder on Google Drive where I upload all the contents of the lessons: calendar, text documents, summary sheets, exercise documents, error tables, audios, extra resources. You can complete the activities online or download the documents and print them out.

Easy and secure payment

At the beginning of each month I will send you a link to pay for your monthly lessons: you can pay in the currency of your choice, in complete security.

How do the individual lessons work?

Contact me!

Fill in the form and give me some information about yourself: your contact number, your level of Italian, the type of lessons you are looking for, your availability, and anything else that might be useful to understand your needs.

Trial lesson

In the first lesson we get to know each other, check your level of Italian, answer any questions you may have and organise a tailor-made teaching plan and a weekly schedule of lessons.


I will send you the link so that you can pay for the month and confirm the classes. Once received, you will have immediate access to your personal Google Drive folder, and to all the teaching materials.

Let's get started!

Everything is ready to start our Italian lessons via Skype or Zoom. Once the lesson is over, you will receive feedback on your mistakes and results, a summary of the most important content and homework for the next lesson.

Reg Hindley said that the difficulty of a language is inversely proportional to the motivation to learn it. It's time to take your first step!
What my students say



Nico is a wonderful teacher! Not only he’s well-organized, but also his knowledge in a variety of field is just impressive. The topic of the lesson makes you think more about what’s going on in the world as well as the its history. It’s always fun and inspiring to talk to him.



Fantastic teacher. Very well prepared and attentive to any difficulties or insecurities. Nico prepares documents with exercises covering the different subjects with a good balance between grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension. Time flies in the lessons!



My favorite language classes with the best teacher 🙂 I like a personal approach, ability to explain, well-prepared materials, and interesting talks during the class. That does not give even an opportunity to be bored during the learning process and it motivates to reach the results step by step.

Frequent questions


Each hour (60 minutes) of individual lesson costs 25 euro. If you want to have a lesson with a friend, the cost is 15 euro per person, i.e. 30 euro per hour.

You pay the full monthly fee before the first lesson of the month. The weekend before the beginning of the month, I will send you a link to pay for the month.

Lessons for the month will not be confirmed until they have been paid.

No, there are no refunds for payments made.

If you have to stop your course temporarily, the lessons you have paid for will be valid for 3 months (90 days) from the notice date. After 90 days, lessons cannot be taken or made up in any way.

Yes, I can send you an invoice if you inform me at the beginning of the course and provide me with your details and address.

Changing lessons and making them up

We decide the exact lesson times during the trial lesson. In general, classes will be held on the same day and at the same time each week, although it is possible to change dates and times by notifying me in advance, and only if other times are available.

Simply notify me by message or email at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson.

We will find a timetable within the paid month. Make-up lessons that, for various reasons, cannot be made up in the current month will be made up the following month as an ‘extra lesson’ to the normal lesson plan and will not be deducted from the following month’s payment. For example, in a lesson plan of 4 hours per month, if a change was requested in January for a lesson that could not be done by 31 January, this lesson will be made up in February, in which 5 hours will be done (the 4 February lessons will remain unchanged).

Under no circumstances changes to lesson times or dates will be accepted less than 24 hours before the start of the lesson. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will not be refunded in any way.

Changes to class times and dates should be considered as exceptional, so if changes are very frequent (more than 2 changes per month) we will need to review class schedules to find a more suitable time.

The classes

Lessons are exclusively online, via Skype or Zoom. There are no face-to-face lessons.

It is a very intuitive tool. You will have access to a shared folder where you will find all the teaching materials. In the lessons we will work together on the same documents online, but you will also be able to download and print them.

Yes, usually after each class there will be some exercises to do for the next class. They are not compulsory, but it is important and advisable to do them constantly in order to make progress in learning Italian.

Yes, as long as you can provide me with the homework in some way: redoing them in the Drive documents (recommended) or uploading the photos of the activities in the folder. It is essential to check the progress and also the mistakes, in order to adjust the lessons and the types of activities.


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