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If you want to learn Italian in small groups of students, not only with grammar and exercises, but also through games, conversations and interactive activities, this is your best option for online Italian lessons. The groups are organised by level and there are classes every week.

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Annual online Italian courses

Available courses

Corso annuale A2 di italiano

In questo corso studieremo i contenuti di livello A2 in lezioni online settimanali in gruppi ridotti. Questo corso è adatto a studenti che hanno un livello iniziale di italiano (A1). 

Start date: 04/09/2023
End date: 30/06/2024
Duration: 10 mesi
Price: 50€ / mese
Sarà possibile iscriversi al corso una settimana prima.

Curso grupal anual A1 para hispanohablantes

En este curso aprenderás italiano desde cero en clases online semanales con un número reducido de estudiantes.

Start date: 04/09/2023
End date: 30/06/2024
Duration: 10 meses
Price: 50€ / mes
Será posible inscribirse al curso una semana antes

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Small group

The group lessons have a small number of students so that everyone has the chance to practise, speak and interact with each other in Italian.


We give priority to conversation in pairs and groups, with games, quizzes, conversations and interactive activities – there’s no better way to learn Italian than by speaking Italian from the beginning! And the conversation continues in the private Whatsapp group.

1h30 per week of lessons

Group courses start in September and finish in June. It consists of 1h30 per week of online lessons on Zoom, for 10 months, for a total of 60 hours of course. Each course level covers grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, written and oral production, and a lot of Italian culture.

Flexible attendance

Although I recommend that you attend all the classes, if you have any unforeseen circumstances, that’s fine! All lessons will be recorded, so you can watch them at another time, or watch them again if you want to review the syllabus.

Final exam and certificate of attendance

At the end of the course I will give you an exam to check if you have acquired all the competences of the Italian level, and you will also receive a certificate of attendance.

Without obligation!

You don’t have to pay any enrolment fee, nor are you obliged to continue with the lessons if, for any reason, you decide to drop out of the course, you just have to leave the group, free of charge!

How do the italian online group courses?

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Once you have completed the payment, enter the private area of the course to benefit from the course contents: downloadable PDF documents, exercises with solutions, audios, extra resources, and the links to connect to Zoom’s lessons and the Whatsapp group!

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Use the Zoom link to join the group classes every week and start learning Italian with me!


Do you need more time to study the contents of the lessons? No problem! You can re-watch the recordings of all the lessons in the group’s private space, as many times as you want!

You are one step away from joining the 85 million Italian speakers in the world, do you want to be part of our big family?
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Frequent questions


The Italian group courses last 10 months, starting in September and finishing in June. Each week there will be one 1h30 lesson per Zoom, on the same day at the same time every week, for a total of 40 lessons per year, and 60 hours of lessons in total.

The programme is as follows:

GRAMMAR: Italian pronunciation with focus on the differences with English, nouns, articles (definite, indefinite, partitive), adjectives (qualifying, indefinite, possessive, demonstrative), pronouns (subject, reflexive, possessive), adverbs of frequency, temporal and simple connectors, basic verbs (essere, avere, esserci) and verb tenses of the present, reflexive, imperative, impersonal, present progressive and basic forms of past and future tense.

VOCABULARY: food (fruit, vegetables, dishes), weather, clothes, physical aspect and character, parts of the body, animals, colours, numbers, basic adjectives, parts of the house, transport, daily routine, free time activities, tastes, jobs, A1 level verbs.

COMMUNICATION: introducing oneself, asking basic questions and answering them, asking for help and information, formality and informality, polite expressions, managing situations in restaurants, bars, shops and on the street, giving directions, orders, advice, recommendations, talking about routine, personal tastes (leisure time, food, habits), describing people, situations, places (city, house, landscapes), talking about traditions and festivals.

CULTURE: gastronomic traditions, Italian holidays and habits, music, forms of education.

The A2 level programme is as follows:

GRAMMAR: direct, indirect, combined and relative pronouns, first uses of the pronouns ‘ne’ and ‘ci’, past tenses, use of auxiliaries, future and conditional tenses, imperative and pronouns, comparatives and superlatives, connectors, improving the use of A1-level structures.

COMMUNICATION and VOCABULARY: talking about the past (memories, trips, holidays, stories), writing biographies and talking about people from the past, vocabulary of shops (supermarket, pharmacy, hospital, hotel, at home…), recipes, illnesses, talking about the future, making assumptions and projects, giving advice, making comparisons, improving the use of A1-level vocabulary.

CULTURE: history of Italy, cities and travels, fashions and habits of today and the past, Italian music, gestures.


The course costs 50 euros per month, which is paid automatically through the website and gives you access to the private area of the course. You will be charged monthly on the 1st of each month.

No, we do not accept refunds for payments made.

Yes, there is no obligation to follow the course. If you decide to unsubscribe, all you have to do is unsubscribe from the group, free of charge.

Yes, I can send you an invoice if you inform me at the beginning of the course your details.


The classes are given exclusively online, by Zoom. There is no face-to-face class format.

Once you have accessed the course, you will have access to all the content: downloadable PDF documents of texts, summary sheets, exercises with solutions, vocabulary tables, audios. You will also be able to watch the recordings of the lessons online.

I will be adding new content every month.

Yes, usually after each class there will be some exercises to do for the next class. They are not compulsory, but it is important and advisable to do them constantly in order to make progress in learning Italian.


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